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Did you know that swimming and water massage promote rejuvenation and increase mental performance? Even in ancient Rome, swimming and water massage were recommended as a rejuvenating procedure for the great emperors! The circulating streams of water are really capable of renewing the body and spirit, giving energy and restoring strength! In the course of medical research, it was found that after water massage and hydrotherapy in general, blood circulation, lymph circulation, skin tone, joint condition, and even digestion improve. The construction of pools is a complex technological process, the implementation of which is best entrusted to specialists. Source — https://www.instagram.com . I advise everyone who is interested in the topic of swimming pool construction.
As the French say: “Ma piscine — mon comprim? de la vieillesse ”(My pool is my pill for old age!).
But according to doctors, this expression is especially relevant for pools with hydromassage and sports accessories. Doctors recommend not only swimming daily, but also performing exercises in water together with water massage. For example, on a horizontal bar or gymnastic rings over water.

Philosophy of the European Basin

composite pools

For several decades in a row, the French have been emphasizing daily swimming.
Every second French family has an understanding that the pool is a must for health! Therefore, the French are already used to starting the morning with an invigorating swim!

In Germany, it became fashionable to rationally re-plan the space of a house: install a swimming path (SwimTrack) in the “former” garage! Which serves as the most harmonious sports equipment to maintain excellent physical shape!

swimming lane, swimtrack, pools In Italy, Spain and other southern countries of Europe, the townspeople do not expect for themselves a more effective and useful sport than swimming! The main criterion for choosing a home for Spaniards and Italians is the presence of a pool or swimming lane. And as practice shows, the inhabitants of southern countries use the pool primarily for sports.
We see that the inhabitants of the developed countries of Europe have a completely different assessment of their own basin. The pool primarily serves as a sports equipment.